174 West Diamond Street: St. Boniface Church, 1866-2006

St. Boniface Church (front)

174 West Diamond Street

In 1866, the German Catholic congregation at St. Peter’s Church (5th and Girard Ave) had grown so extensive that it was necessary to provide another church. The property on the south side of Diamond Street – between Masher and Hancock Streets – was purchased and the construction of St. Bonifacius* began. On December 9th, 1866 the cornerstone was blessed and a sermon given (in German) by Father Grundtner. The church was dedicated on December 15th, 1872. (The associated parochial school was blessed on July 14, 1867)

*St. Boniface or St. Bonifacius (675-754) is the patron saint of Germany. His Saint Day is June 5th.