Mummers Museum: This could only happen in South Philadelphia

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2nd Street and Washington Avenue

Billy Mc Intyre is a lifelong resident of the same house on 2 Street as were his parents before him. His whole tribe were dedicated early supporters, innovators and participants in the Mummers parade. One of his aunts died and left a will requesting that on the anniversary of her passing, members of the South Philadelphia string band show up at the cemetery and play a few songs.

Every year this request is honored and every year the crowds get bigger, not just because of the presence of the String Band but also because Billy's aunt had made one additional request that the band carry out.

It seems this proud lady and long time supporter of all things Mummers, had specifically requested that ...On their departing march from the cemetery, they are to play a song from L. Frank Baum's the WIZARD OF OZ: "Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead"

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