Circle of Hope Church: "Social Justice in Kensington"

2009 Frankford Avenue

The church Circle of Hope is actually a network of cells and congregations that meet in two locations in Philadelphia, and one in Camden, NJ. The church was founded in 1996 by people wanting to be a safe place to explore and express God's love. They attempt to build the church by multiplying cells that are authentic expressions of life in Christ, forming congretations as diverse as the kingdom of God thereby constructing a reconciling network to bring hope to the challenges of 21st century urban life. Using music, art, and neighborhood businesses — such as the Circle Thrift Stores — Circle of Hope has created a unique spiritual organization.

One of the pastors, Joshua Grace (real name) doesn’t look like your typical church leader. But that has not stopped the young spiritual guide from helping to establish the Kensington Circle of Hope as a revitalizing force that promotes growth for new and old residents alike.

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