Giordano's Produce

Paul Giordano Sr.. Image provided by Mariella Esposito

9th Street and Washington Avenue

The stalwart and anchor of the Italian Market, Giordano's began as a modest produce stand in 1921. The business grew into a block-long stretch of storefronts, staffed by the 13 children of the Giordano family, who lived in apartments above the store. Retired proprietor Paul Giordano, youngest son of the founders, remembers growing up in a multilingual, multi-ethnic market, where Italian and Jewish shopkeepers and their families spoke English, Italian and Yiddish out of necessity; young Paul learned Yiddish via his Jewish babysitter. He describes the market community as an extended family; the children of the market had a set of parents in every shop who kept an eye on them and kept them (mostly) out of trouble. Paul's brothers still run the business that their parents, Frances and Paul Giordano Sr., founded more than 85 years ago.

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